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Superstar opportunity of a lifetime

Are you dependable and resourceful?

Do you have lots of energy, intuition and initiative? Do you dress well, have computer skills?
Are you willing to engage customers, attend training for continuous improvement, lick envelopes and even work on a weekend if needed?

We are the premier sales training, marketing consulting and Infusionsoft Certified Consulting firm in the nation. (Past awards include being named the #1 Sales Trainer at Dell; winning the top Social Media Marketing Award at Loral Langemeier’s 3-Days-To-Cash Event and being selected as one of only two “Bloggers In Motion” for Infusionsoft’s annual Infusioncon.)

And we need Superstars in the areas of administrative, sales, support, web design, copy writing, graphic design, programming and more. No whiners. No lazy people. Nobody with too many “personal commitments.” You can work remotely. I reside in Murrieta, CA. Pay is based on experience. Full time and part time positions are available. There is no cap on commissions and you can earn commissions and referral fees regardless of your job title and duties. Bonuses and raises are paid for stellar performance.

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