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Keynote Speaker Media Kit

Below are the titles of several talks I have given and/or customized for various audiences from sales meetings to association conferences to non-profits.

The Sales Whisperer® Way

It's easy to start.

It's hard to finish.

In this talk, Wes addresses not only the common myths about what it takes to succeed in business and in sales but what you can do about them to turn your business—and your life—around

Key Points

  • Daily Success vs. a Lifetime of Excuses
  • Why Celebrities Do Drugs & Salespeople Need Hugs
  • What's Old Is new

Takeaway Message
If you're asking the wrong questions, it doesn't matter what the truth is. Learn what questions to ask both of yourself and your prospects, and be pleasantly surprised at how dramatically—and quickly—you can improve everything that matters to you in life.

The Sales Whisperer Way
The Implementors In Life

The Implementors In Life

The most powerful and effective leaders were–and remain—great followers. In other words, great mentors have great mentors, which means they listen and take massive action.

Key Points

  • To Master a Subject, Teach It
  • To See Far, Stand On The Shoulders of Giants
  • The Power of Being Alone

Takeaway Message
You need to implement fast because money loves speed and nature abhors a vacuum. Great leaders have the confidence to surround themselves with smart people, take their advice, make fast decisions, accept the blame, observe the results, adjust, adapt, and overcome. Then share what they've learned so others can grow faster than they did.

The #1 Job of a Business Owner

You're not in the business you think you're in and you're not achieving your goals because you are focusing on the wrong behaviors.

Key Points

  • The #1 Job of Business Owners
  • The #1 Sin of Business Owners
  • The #1 Focus of Business

Takeaway Message
Growing a business is simple. It's just not always easy. However, with the clear insight, straight talk, and inspiration you'll receive in this talk, you'll walk out not only knowing why things have been harder for you than they should've been, you'll know what needs to be done to turn things around for the long run.

The Proven Plan To Grow Your Sales

To Make Any Sale, You Must Make Every Sale

While people will debate whether salespeople are born or made, one thing is certain: professional salespeople follow a proven process to make every sale.

Key Points

  • The #1 Job of a Salesperson
  • Understand what it means to “make every sale”
  • The proven 5-step process to sell more, faster, at higher margin, with less stress, and more fun.

Takeaway Message
Professional salespeople do not overcome objections, follow up more often, or deliver more pitches and proposals.

Like buying an investment property or a stock, the pros know you make your money going in.

Learn how to close first, then present to profit from your prospecting.

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